Monday, June 7, 2010

HELP! Calling All Mommies!

This morning's blog post is a bit different. Instead of using the opportunity as I usually do to comment on some aspect of parenting, vent like an emotionally unsettled patient spilling his guts to an online therapist, or share an account of Meredith and my adventures in Mommy and Daddy World, I'm taking the morning to put out a call for help to all the mommies who take time out of their busy and insane world to read Dadlosophies.

For over a year now, I have been working on a book that shares my experiences (and hopefully, a few insights) regarding parenthood. I guess you might consider it an extended version of my blog. But, to finish, I NEED SOME HELP FROM YOU MOMMIES! Specifically, I need to hear from you regarding any frustrations, emotions, feelings of appreciation, or feelings of confusion you felt towards your husband/baby's father during your pregnancy and/or during the first few months after baby arrived.

In other words, if you were sitting down with a bunch of your girlfriends as a pregnant or new mommy and the conversation turned to the things your husband does or doesn't do (or that you wish he would do or not do), what questions would you raise? What feelings would you vent? What frustrations or feelings of bewilderment might you share? What is it that you wish your soon-to-be daddy would get about you as an expecting or new mommy, but doesn't? If you could ask a group of husbands who would give you an honest answer, "Hey, why do you guys (fill in the blank) when we moms are pregnant or have just had a baby?", what would you fill in the blank with?

I know you gals are busy. You have minivans to drive, Cheerios to vacuum out of the crevices of... well... everything, and tons of other mommy responsibilities to attend to. But if you have a few moments to respond with a sentence or two, or even just a question you would love that group of honest dads to answer, that wold be awesome! Also, if you know any pregnant or new mommies, please forward them this link and ask them to respond. The more input the better. SIMPLY COMMENT ON THIS BLOG, send me an email through FaceBook, or shoot me an email at Thanks in advance, ladies. I'm looking forward to what I'm sure will be a very eye-opening read.

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  1. Where to start......! Ha! So here's my deal. My back hurt, my sciatica gave me such issues I could hardly walk....but when I complained or asked real sweetly for a foot or back-rub I was told "later". I get that dads don't understand what it feels like--something like not knowing how much pain a pulled tooth is unless it's happened to you, but seriously! You think we're making it up? :0) Okay, I do have to say that my hubby didn't have the capacity to understand back then--I'm sure he'd do better now. And now (and is THIS why your asking?) that we are expecting #4 child--even though she isn't in-utero, he thinks I'm wacko for being so emotionally involved. He says "It will happen when it happens!". Really? How can you not be jumping out of your skin like I am? I don't get it that you don't get it!!!
    So that's my two cents. :0)